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IT has been a month, fr sure. Today is my year-younger brother's birthday! He is 22, which is a sort of a nice number.

Mike and I ended our tour of the south, finally. Winter is over! ...most likely. I'm still processing spanish moss, horses, puddle lakes, everglades, family, keys, horse shit, and family. Perhaps this is why it has been a month, in addition to being out of internet reach for two weeks. We're in Springfield IL, now, but we spent the last few weeks at Joe Hollis' where we's interning again this year. Great interns this year, too. It's fantastic. I'm excited to have around me two very different but similarly great ladies, in addition to Stephanie Berry (who is an NC mama I hugely appreciate). The guys are turning out to be mighty nice, too, though I've spent less time with them.

The trip went like this:
Springfield IL --> Cinncinati OH to visit Badger --> Atlanta GA to visit Katie --> Citra FL to stay on tangerine grove/bamboo nursery with Craig --> St Petersburg FL to visit Angie sister --> Sarasota to visit Ringling Estate/aunt Alta/Sis --> Ft Walton Beach to visit parents --> Birmingham to visit Josh --> Burnsville NC to stay at Joe's for two weeks --> Cincinnati OH to re-visit the Badge --> Springfield IL to visit friends/family --> back to Joe's for the foreseeable future, thank all that is holy
*maybe this will help looking at flickr photos

We came home(ish) here in IL to find friends and family ready to kill themselves at this fickle beginning of spring, not even relative to the flooding that seems to surround this whole Midwest place. The Anti-Corn Commission was formed on one friend/family front, and house-plants were being divided, transplanted, and sprouted under big bright lights on another. A very few bulbs is coming up, odd that, as daffodils fill all places south of here (and Florida is sweltering as it was in February).

joy to the world, welcome to spring. let's get born againing underway.

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