the infrastructure will collapse

So, I have probably heard every person I love play the new Radiohead album. twenty thousand times. :D It's fantastic, clearly. A shipmate in the garden had an experience while hallucinating last week. I love my partners up here, for many and varied reasons.

Last night's full moon party was rather fantastic, as usual. Steve about punched everyone in the face. We're slowly talking it through, and he continues to refer to this place of green and young people as being covered by his holistic health care plan. The hot tub was fantastic, and as Joe says, "so oriental," with the moon passing through the bamboo. Guitar players and drummers played in the garden and around the fire pit on the deck, and Steve told his stories. I saw a really very nice moth in the green house some time, too. It was orange and brown, but you could see through the orange. Hm- the gooseberries are bigger, the blueberries tinging red and purple, the mulberries still small, and the valerian is forming buds below the bedroom window. We planted cucumbers and pepper plants today, and Mike, Mahra and Katie worked on trellises for our tomatoes. They're looking really good, one round and one woven straight up. The nasturtiums I planted are coming up beautifully, and it's more exciting to see because I haven't been able to find the seeds to plant more throughout the garden. (I'll move them, fish emulsion and fertilize them.)

There's a proFessional photographer interning with us this season, Jesse. He's gone this week as part of his dumb well-paying job. He is part of a project where six photographers take a snapshot at 7:15 each day. the web site is www.sametime715.com and it basically gives pretty pictures around the garden each day. Mostly from the garden.

Sittin' in my wool sweater after another windy week, after the Mother's Day Tree Massacre with 65mph winds through the mountains. I was worried that night, but I got to sleep after I figured the hemlocks behind the pavilion didn't want to fall on us. A maple fell down a path without hitting any of the cabins, or destroying much in the way of plants, except a few small treetops. Now it blocks off the wasabi, and we have to jump over it. It's pretty big.

and... today I stared at the bullfrog for a really long time, right in front of it, and I thought about eating a frog, and who would think to eat a frog, and how good frog legs can taste, and then I tried to walk away after watching it move its eyes around in its head, and it jumped back in the pond really fast. But I was trying to leave, anyway.

be well, y'all.

ps- The Education of Little Tree is perdy near the greatest book I've read lately. Check it out at the library. !

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donald423 said...

hi, good to hear from you, love you y'all eastern zombans from all us central zombans.

i gotta go to work all day today under fluorescent lights in a concrete building. I'm missing the first farmer's market! And another May day outside! But hey it'll pay for some veggies at the market.