I surely hope so

Women in the United States who are spiritually free to move about could change the world by expressing their disapproval of this farcical machine to their children. They could continually discover ways not to participate, thus providing for their children's future spiritual freedom (which guides all of our body through its own energy) and for the freedom of more in the future.

I think mothers can become very serious about spiritual freedom because we as women can be acutely aware of he emotional shackles that come with corporatism, globalism, market economy, school, jail, church, television, and other conceptually similar confining institutions and standards within our society. Hopefully, we as mothers, who are supreme artists by virtue of our task as mother, can offer our children freedom, love and hope for the future. Or there will be no future. We have to set our children's mind alight with wings we weave for them, and in turn our spirits will be set free.

Why do we not think of our children as future? Or do we, but we are too busy to consider the future? If we don't care about ourselves, we don't care about anything else. Why are we so ill? We are the future, because we are the only example our children have. If youth is always at the lead a few years down the road, then our lives lead them. We must continue to act our part as mother to the future, to lead in the manner of the strong heads of family who have led us to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (May we all be fed.) More than lead, we should listen and learn by example.

The television is not an example. Let us recognize tradition, again. The oldest tradition is that of a mother feeding her child, in honor of continuing the cycle. She did not question the cycle, had no need or desire to alter or interrupt the cycle. She fed, and in turn all of the children who fed us have been fed.

This continues in my mind about home, children, future, inspiration and hope. I see the progression that comes with letting go of fear, opening your mind, settling into a space, and moving forward. Lately I can't stop thinking about the motivation that a child gives a home, the responsibility she or he requires of another, the constant humbling and frustration and joy they inspire. They are our path to somewhere, wherever we decide. This may be a good way to describe our interactions with the earth. We are children, she is mother, providing so much abundance and allowing us to live. We are the future of the earth, and we must also act as stewards of that ultimate gift, or we'll lose our home.


In other news, I've started white peony root, angelica sinensis root, red clover blossom, and schizandra berry tinctures, blueberry jam mead, and red clover/raspberry leaf mead. I've been trying to use up the moonshine and wildflower honey... down to half a gallon of moonshine, 1 1/2 gallons of honey.

Stephanie, Mike, Denali and I went on a hike yesterday to Singe Cat Ridge and checked up on the elderberries for future mead/tincture/syrup/wine/jam. They've got a bit to go until they're big and fat. The hike was nice, though. It's always beautiful here, and hiking always feels great on the body when you get home afterward.

Pray for rain.

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