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So. Springfield is Springfield, and I don't want to ever mention that again. Today is ol' man Justin's talk on bioremediation at the Food Not Lawns meeting in the library, which should be ridiculously interesting. What can I do with all that silly fungi lying around my garden, and what's so important about it, anyway? As a previously mentioned plug, one of several of Justin's sites is http://www.brainsturbator.com/ where he is, as usual, ridiculously interesting. I'm done wondering why he lives across the alley, especially since I know his lady friend is a very special lady, indeed. and he claims that Mike's brother, Nick, is also quite special, but I just don't know about that one... :D (bekah, they are dragon and rooster!)

I want to add this, it is so integral to the understanding of my man-pal's mama... I'm sitting in Betsy's living room, staring at this little computer, trying to avoid looking at the big screen that buzzes at very high frequencies across the room. On the table next to me is an old spaghetti jar filled with bubbly water, presumably from sitting for so long with the same water. Betsy has seen what the bleep do we know, and she's looked into the guy who does the water experiments where he writes on the jars and photographs the water molecules, so she's doing her own experiment. In the evenings she sits in this exact spot and plays internet poker for a while, no telling how long. On the jar of water is written in green sharpie, "I, Betsy Rxxxxx, immediately attract large sums of money to my bank account free and clear of loans and lawsuits!"

Luck is a funny thing.

In any case, I've been watching a movie almost every night to try to forget the stunning boredom of the day, and it seems rather impossible to find a pretty good American film. Seriously, I watched Knocked Up the other night. and it just seems too high tech to get on the netflix bandwagon again, there's way too much transportation going into that, o PLUS, I forgot! I found my library card, it's good until the end of the month, and I am so hitting up the dvd section. I've been pretty perturbed to notice videos there that I've waited forever to get on netflix. and not having a computer of my own definitely puts a hitch in the downloading arena. I'm so thrilled to get free movies, I can't tell you. Really, there are no words. I think video watching is like a pasttime of Springfield, it is sort of the art of Springfield- everyone seems to have the itch (not everyone, this is exaggeration, but close, if not television or internet).

The problem is I haven't been able to spend enough time outside since getting back, and whereas we rode in two cars while in Guatemala, we can't seem to get down the road here except by vehicle. It's like my brain doesn't work here, my senses become immediately dulled, and my actions turn to colored latex and harsh household chemical treatments. I try to spend time with friends, but once there of course I'm so relaxed that all I want to do is sit still. and I thought my mind would be very much on gardening, but it feels like a sidenote to the stresses of making money enough to garden, getting to the garden on time, and getting to the garden at all or by which means.

We accidentally caught a broadcast on saturday on npr, which in Springfield means 5 days per week all classical all the time, and on the weekend somehow allow the national programming to slip in, but only for a few hours!!don'tgetyourhopesupforinformationspringfieldiansgobacktowork
anyway, it was about the brain chemicals of decision making, and I found it really interesting to know that certain chemicals I'd come to believe had very specific purposes, really some of them have very broad, however very important purposes. also, our brains can handle quite a lot of information, but not all at once, and we really have to focus to make decisions. I don't know, it's just that Mike has this very serious problem with decisions, and I'm not much better, which many times has led us down great and fantastic paths, but is not always useful in the day to day, in fact very much not useful in the day to day. Anyway, I mention it in the hope that someone will find that program on npr *coughangiecough* and send me the link so I can listen to the whole thing. I also need to find some spanish language podcasts, but first! I have to wiki "podcast" and figure out where to begin.

Nos vemos, mis amigos,
abigail <3


donald423 said...

Sounds like Springfield. I guess that's why I spend so much darn time onscreen, when I could be doing so many different projects like putting carpet on the fridge. Or just cleaning.

Justin has been most active lately on the urban renewal think tank, a refreshingly positive, "what works?" cyber place.

animasophi said...


The Passion of the brain.

Podcasts are my new favorite thing. Load up the ipod with a million of them. This is what I do: Download Itunes (free), plug in Ipod, click on Itunes store, click on podcasts, click on top 100, look through and click on ones that look cool, sync with Ipod, viola, spanish, french, german, italian, interesting radio, everything, very helpful way to have a vacation in your brain;) love you

abby said...

One of the issues with the freeipodfromafriend situation is that I share itunes with mike's brother, so! I need to find some kinda program thing that makes my ipod able to pick up music/podcasts, etc, from other people's computers. that would be nice.

animasophi said...

Just plug your ipod in to another computer if you have one in mind, you will then have to sync it with that computer (called a library) and then start downloading podcasts!

Stephanie said...

Abby O Abby!

My dogs are barking like crazy, presumably at coyotes. My nose is cold. I am sleepy. And I am thinking of you, and very happy that it is Spring!

In Anticipation~

p.s. thank you so much for the sweet/happy comment(s) on my blog. I just now read about the very bad day, and about your birthday, and happy birthday!

animasophi said...