Swine Flu

Some really good information and advice regarding our newest pandemic:

Don't worry, here are the recommendations:

Dr. Lansman has had excellent results in preventing and managing flu symptoms with a range of vitamins, supplements, herbs, and homeopathic preparations. Her basic recommendations include 1000 IUs of vitamin D each day for infants and toddlers, 1 teaspon of cod liver oil/day for all kids, and 2500 IU daily for older children. She also recommends Elderberry once daily and one dose of homeopathic Oscillococinnum each month.

Dr. Saputo’s recommendations for adults include the following:

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle: adequate sleep, good diet, regular exercise, avoid stress
• Get plenty of sunshine, or supplement to keep vitamin D levels adequate
• Wash your hands frequently with water
• Consider boosting immunity with vitamin C, beta glucans, echinacea, vitamin A, maitake and shitake mushroom extracts, minerals such as selenium and zinc, certain herbs such as olive leaf extract and garlic, and homeopathic remedies.

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Anonymous said...

i read the same article on areturntohealing.com too and found lansman's preventative measures very informative and i got green light from my primary naturopathic physician for my baby! Problem, don't know where to buy the homeopathic Oscillococinnum :(