you cain't help but hear me

books i've been reading:
laura ingalls wilder
journey of man (population genetics & human motion)
jonathon livingston seagull
the celestine prophecies
1909 children's guide to trees
diary of an early american boy
african-american southern gardens(& yards)
community gardening
nourishing traditions
past in perspective (early hominids at the moment)

ferments from past few weeks:
cortido (w/pineapple vinegar)
mint chutney
pineapple chutney (rinds/core made vinegar)
apple cider vinegar
beet kvass
lacto-fermented ginger ale
ginger beer bug/ginger beer
& we used the whey from the farmer's market raw milk to make butter/buttermilk
mike makes loads of sourdough that is delicious

lists for my head to forget now.


Hakim Baker said...

Good to hear from you!! We've been cranking out kombucha and sourdough, starting new little worm bins, drinking fermented apple cider, hanging laundry to dry on a rack inside so we don't use the natural gas dryer, making chicken stock, sewing, soaking oats in kombucha-water, and blogging. Our cold water pipe in the kitchen froze night before last but thawed out OK next day.


Amanda said...

Your book selection sounds really interesting. Jonathan Livingston Seagul is a nice little book, but I enjoyed his Illusions a lot more. Celestine Prophecies, I love and I'm surprised you haven't already read. The Ninth and Tenth Insights (sequels) are really great as well.

I seriously want to live near you and eat and drink all of your wonderful creations. :) Sounds yummy!