The Black Earth

Mike's birthday was the other day. He's 29, which my sister says is the return of Saturn to the place it was when you are born. Year of note. Year of re-direction? I made him a German chocolate cake, and it's good. For a second I thought it might be ridiculous to give Mike something he wouldn't be able to control himself around, but fuck. When else do you get to eat straight-up sugar, butter and chocolate? I stole him a pink candle from a partially opened package, and it was beautiful.

I have spent time thinking about pattern, a good deal. I find myself using the information I have access to as a sort of back-up for a time when the access is more limited. In effect, I have enforced a policy of intense learning to be done using my hands and brain and all the information I can get at the library, through netflix, through the internet. Information networks being patterned themselves into net-like webs, I find myself very integrated in these patterns. I'm delighted to read about old ways practiced over long, long periods of time. It's fascinating to discover a recognizable and repeated journey of woman and man in general. It's easier to imagine a soul journey, a destiny or purpose, or a conscious underlying pulse when you can see yourself as a person throughout history and time, connected to your mother and father and on backward. We share a very common thread with each other, and those threads manifest to me in discovering a common method of clothes washing by women before this most recent era of oil. That is deeply re-connective to me, and healing.



donald423 said...

Amen, imama a.l.i.!

sharqi said...

I agree, I think there is a connection--like when you're hanging up clothes to dry, realizing that every woman in your family for hundreds of years probably has done the same thing. Or making bread--it's a great thing to pass on to your kids or other young'uns in your tribe. Quite a connection.

mandables said...

Oh, and PS - the 29th is a pivotal one.

My life was upheaved at 27 when I left my husband. At 29, I finally started to recover and see hope again. It definitely was a time of renewal and rebirth for me. I'm still dwelling in it. Enjoying fresh perspectives.