Ahh, Guatemala...

Delicious food, kindly folks, beautiful textiles- it is treating me well on this fourth full day of our journey. I bought white calla lilies this morning and avocados for 1Q each ($1=7.79Q), that's 7 for under a buck! Same for garlic. Every third vendor at the market in Panajachel was selling fresh chamomile for 3Q per big bundle, less with bargaining, and dried linden blossoms or hibiscus blossoms. $2 for a beer, though. Weird.

Had an incredible reading with a Mayan astrologer in Antigua, trying to decide if I should take her up on the offer to apprentice, actually trying to find a good reason to pay however much it costs or if I even should. Maybe I need to go across the lake to San Pedro to study Spanish, but the astrologer reminded me kindly that these people have roots- the white people need a lot more help. So there's that. I suppose I am only here to look, listen, hopefully learn. Work off some ego and connect a little more bluntly.

Mike reminds that that this country is more wealthy than the United States because it grows all its own food, and it knows where it comes from, where it's going. Unfortunately, we blancos are lost on those counts. It's beautiful, though, seeing the mountainsides planted in small diverse plots, some with calla lilies dividing the plots. It heals my soul a little just to see it.

More later, as usual, my beautiful friends.

Buenos noches,
abby <3


donald423 said...

Sounds delightful! Jealous and missing y'all!!

Carey's basic gardening workshop went well Saturday. Justin and crew were there. And forty-odd other people.

Yeah, Guatemala more wealthy than US, what a thought.

Ang said...

Thank you for posting this Abby!

Anonymous said...

I miss you! It's been a beautiful and very cold (INAUGURATION) day today! I wasn't sure if you'd have internet access...
THANK YOU for the caramels (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!) and the zines.......

will write more later...lots of love (So much, really!) Stephie