San Pedro a Lago de Atitlan

I´m watching the lake, listening the continual routing sound of home construction in the street below, and seriously considering the $13 massage in San Marcos about 10 minutes across the lake. Volcanoes and mountains are delicious, I guess is how you say it in English.

Mike and I are studying at La Escuela de Espanol Collectiva, where they guarantee the teachers fair wages, and the locals whose home we´re staying in is also appropriately paid. Maria y Jose are hosting us, super kindly and patiently, along with their toddler, Felix. Maria cooks in a local restaurant at night, but she makes our breakfast and lunch, while her sister, Angelica, makes our supper. Questions Mike and I were most asked, why are we vegetarian (la maiz en Estados Unidos es muy mal, los animales con la maiz es muy mal!), how old we are, how long we´ve been together, and where we´re from, in that order. Most noticeable differences in the home - the sink is under the stairs to the roof, and it´s two huge cement basins with a flat space in the middle to wash clothes and dishes, and the kitchen is on the roof in a basic, slatted wood room with a tin roof with thin pieces of cardboard nailed between the slats to keep some of the wind out.

The school is great, a lot cheaper here in San Pedro, and we share a rather good teacher. We study outside under thatched huts for four hours with a great view of the lake and take breaks throughout to refill our free local, organic coffee. It´s quite pleasing the whole experience.

We´ve been spending quite a bit of time in our off-hours at this bar called the Buddha, which is first floor bar, second floor table area, third floor/roof the place with the big Buddha shaped cob pizza oven that they run on the weekends and Friday surrounded by cob wrap-around benches. There are also cob benches throughout the other two floors. It´s quite pleasant, the roof is a good place to be alone and for other various and sundry activities (liking splitting a litre of Gallo while you do your Spanish homework and catching the second-hand herbal smoke of the folks around you).

We leave San Pedro for Santa Cruz on Saturday afternoon to stay overnight at La Iguana Perdida- they have a famous cross-dressing party every Saturday night with a room full of clothes and costumes, barbeque, and music. Exciting! Mike´s brother Nick gives it very good reviews.

Well, with love and well wishes, I´m off to find another quiet place to study for tomorrow!

all my heart, dear fellas,

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