Yesterday, after finishing up my last blog entry, Mike lost $250 to an ATM, we got in a big argument because he blamed me for telling him to take money out of the ATM, I cried a lot, we watched a man across the small street (more like an alley) have a seizure, crash into a moving truck, then fall into the street seizing and bleeding while no one knew who to call for an ambulance, and then Mike's shoe busted a strap.

But equally good things happened, I suppose. We got to our homestay, which is really quite nice, and the international coordinator who was bringing us to the home took us also to the bank to explain in good Spanish what happened at the ATM (maybe that'll get resolved, but I'm not holding my breath or worrying much).

It was stressful, yesterday, but I slept well, and now it's my birthday! Mike and I pretty well gave each other space last night, so things are a bit smoother today. Off to buy tickets to the show tonight... <3

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donald423 said...

Traveling, even when you're having fun, is stressful and takes its toll on a person.

Don't try to cram too much into your schedule... I know I'm no good at snap decisions, and being busy scrambles my brain.

Take it easy! Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy(ed) the show.

Hugs & best wishes to y'all from zomba central.

I can't wait to find out what Nick has been up to!!?!