today is my mama's birthday.

I love my mama!

The show on my birthday was Really good! I danced like crazy amidst all the gringos in town, most of whom it took at least an hour to start moving. I kept thinking, ¨It's my birthday!¨ It was good. The fliers said it started at 8, but it actually started at about a quarter after 10, and then only after two rather young women dressed in tiny, tight clothes with the Gallo logo all over got on stage and skankily danced for about 15 minutes. The gringos did not like this part of the evening. It was great, though, and there were loads of folks salsa dancing between everyone. I really enjoyed it, felt so happy and smiling the whole time. It was a great birthday. We left at the break, since it was almost midnight, and we knew we´d have to wake our host family. At the bottom of the stairs from the show, I got to tell Ignacio many thanks, and how beautiful the music was, and he very graciously bowed and thanked me in return. It was the perfect ending, aside from the lovely long walk back to the house.

As an aside, I´m doing rather well at the school. I hope to make a complete sentence by Wednesday! :D


animasophi said...

I'm following you

donald423 said...

Hope to see you next week! Happy travels!

<3 from zomba central