access to music and internet

This will be the first season I've lived in North Carolina with access to the internet and a wide range of music. It's different. I'm listening to Joanna Newsom from Molly's computer while everyone is out to Asheville for some mescla de debauchery. Today has been day 4 of beautiful sun and ridiculous amounts of solar-powered joy- Zach and Matt (one of Jason's chillin's, aged 16) tilled a bunch of area where to plant potatoes and garlic, today Jason tilled more space, and the lovely Molly aided to some extent by Zach cleaned the whole kitchen this morning. I've been over obsessed with cleaning the whole thing every morning before anybody starts using it. I'm working on deciphering which routines to cultivate, which with which to relax, etc etc etc.

I have like ten little messages in my inbox from my mom, and I don't want to delete them because they seem like precious little capsules of my mother's words. Don't know how to describe that better- I don't like deleting messages from any of my family members, same reason.

Sick all day today, got the no energy blues. Some kind of sleepiness, coughing, sneezing, dry eye cold thing. It's fun to let your body sort of sink back. Thanks go for my ability to not have a long-term job and to be surrounded by incredible, loving, concerned and supporting human beings and about 30 dogs. I've been ripping into my new Between Heaven and Earth Chinese medicine guide with a fierce 3 page per hour speed.

Not much going on, I guess, but it feels like it.

with love,

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