coffee high

I've decided it is impossible to write full-length blog entries without coffee. Also, it feels much like the late afternoon, the sky is a bit dark, and it's sort of impossible to imagine that it's 11am and there is actually a day ahead of me.

It's been difficult to organize my thoughts or to plan accordingly. We have been sleeping on the futon in the Berry's dining room, which is nice, but it's also very much a part of the open house layout. Our clothes are in the car in a giant bag. Our food is in the shop, the house across the driveway where all the computers live in harmony with the kitchen. and Tonight I think we're going to start sleeping in the loft of Stephanie's studio in the woods until Katie gets back from a long journey. It's scattered, and I feel like I can handle it, but definitely scattered. It's good for me to be able to pay attention to lots of different things and people, I like it a lot, but yeah. I can't wait for all my stuff to be in one place- it's tough otherwise. I need less stuff, maybe? Most of what I have is chosen for practicality and the ability to move somewhat easily. Except my treadle sewing machine, which has been sitting in the same place since we purchased it.

Roots are certainly on my mind during this time of waning moon, they were there before the climax, though, as well. I like the feeling of being connected to a space for a long period of time- working on those dynamics, what situations will assist in that, how help can be distributed, etc, etc. It's highly important to live with folks, that has been the best lesson, I think, for me. Everything works differently in cooperation, and it feels certainly more satisfying to share responsibilities, everyone gets to do more than if they had to do everything themselves, and responsibilities shift to where they fit best. It's just a really good lesson in relaxing with others, asking open questions, trust in each other and expressing boundaries or concerns. It's just really, really good for feeling human.

Zach is making perfect eggs from the chicken house for us all while beatboxing, which is sort of pleasant, especially the egg part. Zach and Molly live in the pentangle that was originally built for the eldest Berry child. Zach works for Jason, Molly works for AMS, and we all work together for no good reason except it's pretty fun.

So, it's a little cold, our last frost date is May 15. We set out some cabbages that did not make it on our last clear night, two nights ago- I think we may have had another freeze this morning. It's interesting, like it's still pretty early spring, but it's good. Plants!!



Anonymous said...

you have always liked working in
group guess we did not do that much at home but I love to see how productive it makes you guys
goodness it does stay cold up there a very long time !

with all the coffee you have plant
a little extra I will send earth
spirit powers to watch over your babies
while they settle in for the long grow

donald423 said...

It's gonna be 70 degrees in Springfield today!! To the garden!!

And maybe Washington Park later.

miss you guys!

happy late-April holidaying!