1 day 'til solstice

Well, it is early this fine Saturday morning, quite early. In fact, it is not yet morning at all, for it is still night for me on Friday. The clock seems to've passed midnight without prior notice.

Me and Mike and my good housemate, Max, we all went to Black Mountain and Asheville today. Mike and I had to stop in Asheville to pick up this new laptop! It was on quite a sale, so in typically frugal style we have come up on this new movie box. It's amazing, really, that this currently decent computer is more than twice as powerful as computers that came out two or three years ago. It feels dangerous to spend very much money when the technology keeps pace with the plastic pieces embedded in cheap computers. So what if this falls apart in a year if another few hundred dollars buys something twice as nice later? OK, that is not how we felt on purchasing this computer, I can promise, but it is interesting to consider.

Our garden is looking might fine these days. I fish-emulsioned everything but the broccolis the other day. I think the potatoes grew twice as big in the four or five days since. It's strange not to have to water the garden with as much rain as we've had. Really, it hardly gets dry before the rain is on again. I've never experienced so much moisture. Steph is over battling the slugs in her garden everyday, she's tried beer traps, gravel around the bases, and eggshells broken up around the plants, but she's still out there with scissors chopping them up by hand several times a day. There's just not a lot you can do if you're trying to mulch for next year during a wet season, at least as far as slugs. In the big garden our biggest issue is a matter of two hens with a pretty good ability to fly, they are the ones that lay blue and green eggs, and they're kind of evil. They love to pull all the straw from the potatoes in the morning looking for bugs and worms. Everything is getting big without any time passing at all. The blueberries are starting to turn into grape sized blue-ish berries, the apples and peaches are getting bigger, the grapes are starting to form after the death by mid-may frost, and today we harvested a bunch of elder flowers which I think I'll put into honey. I've honied sage flowers/leaves, lemonbalm, garlic, and lemon-thyme. It continues to be a fruitful year.

Mike's got a jewelry desk built around a counter/sink area in the cabin, and there're lots of shelves with clothes and books on them. I like this place a lot, and there is so much room. The mountain laurels are finishing up blooming, and now the rhododendrons that are so tall and thick in front of our house are starting to bud up very big, getting ready to bloom. I'm also excited because I saw pink fluffy mimosa flowers blooming down in Marion today, which means that within a week or two we should be having them bloom up here. A flower so pink and fluffy just has to be good for the spirit. The mullein flowers should be coming on strong soon, too. I'm also pretty stoked because Mike is seriously planning and beginning to put together a solar dryer, which just makes me want to go crazy collecting and drying plants. It's amazing what there is to dry and preserve when you have the ability to do so.

with love,

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