City life is interesting. It fills your time while you do nothing. That doesn't sound particularly good, and who is to say if it is or not. In short, I'm enjoying myself while not being terribly busy. I've been especially happy to spend time with my friend Carey, who remains peculiarly noble in this strange city. Lately she's been growing in profound ways, and I can't really articulate how that's helped me, but somehow it does. That's the thing about people you love and with whom you are connected- when they grow, you share the opportunity for growth. Equally, if they stagnate, you share that opportunity as well. I think that's something most of us seem to have trouble with in relationships (friends, lovers, children), sharing the opportunities for growth and transformation. May that be the ultimate goal of all relations in our lives.

This afternoon I spent a very pleasant few hours a little outside of Springfield on one of the only natural organic farms 'round these parts. I've been buying produce from these guys for three years now, odd as that seems to me when quantified. The gal-friend of Mike's brother and I went on out there to weed in exchange for produce, and it was good to talk with the two guys who grow there. They use 2.5 acres within a family's 22 acres, exchanging produce for rent and getting fresh goat and cow milks and cheeses from the family who live there. It's a really awesome set-up, and I'm glad to spend time there helping out. It's shocking how little of this there is going on in the midwest, but it feels great where it's happening.

So, yes, time has been passing with a few hours here and there doing some clean-up work for M's mama, hanging out with friends and generally relaxing, thinking of the future, dreaming of a future that is inclusive of all the beauty and friends here and everywhere.

with my heart,

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