red clover, red clover, send it right over

I am a really lucky gal. It's hard to explain, but it's true and pretty unbelievable.

Turns out that 95% of the bras in department stores are shaped like perfect round things with strange squashy bottoms that are more than a little disingenuous. 80% have hard plastic curves inside that push up the body they are "supporting." I had trouble finding a camisole with a piece of elastic inside for use in lieu of the bra. It was almost impossible to find anything not unspeakably tight and nylon. It's over now; I'm 3 pairs of half-bamboo underwear richer and about 3 1/2 hours older.

Just 3 weeks, now, until the Southeast Women's Herb Conference. I'm psyched to try to go to the session on Uterine Massage. I've been really interested in this Mayan uterine ligament massage that Rosita Arvigo has sort of made re-popular since she moved to Belize and studied with an old Indio down abouts. She wrote a book called Sastun about her apprenticeship and homesteading in the rainforest that's pretty danged good. I almost went to visit while I was down there! But I didn't. Also, Susun Weed's supposed to keynote the weekend, and I'm really happy about work trading the whole cost of the event and getting to know the ladies who run it a little bit. Also, my good good lady friend's herb school teacher is giving a workshop on medicinal herb gardening that I'm Really excited to attend. Those classes and being surrounded by beautiful, intense, brilliant women make me feel really good about going. I'm also trying to go to herb school with my gal-buddy for a coupla days after the conference. I'm redirecting my energy into dreaming about these events until they happen. Work is pretty un-stimulating to my brain, but o so needed for my body. I kinda have muscles now!

I also miss my home in the mountains. I just feel better down there. The air is different, the water is cleaner, the people think a little more, the trees grow a little more. I'm recognizing how things feel different and what helps guide my body to rest. It's difficult to figure what's worth commitment in this transient land. Even sedentary folk are able to go anywhere at all over their televisions and computers. That's what I do, too, and it doesn't help my brain make any decisions! I think perhaps our options are unlimited in theory, and it's our job to realize what's truly possible for ourselves in our own lives.

More on that at an earlier hour.

Love and enjoy,

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