one acre

1.05 acre in Springfield, IL, never built on, never farmed- connected to an unnamed woods with an unnamed tributary with an unrecognized yellow-colored liquid dripping down one slope into said unnamed tributary and eventually down into the cement overflow structure that leads deep under the surface of the land.

OK, so the good part is there is tons of space to grow food and medicine and trees, plenty of open space and wooded space within the acre M will own officially in a few days. It's exciting! We have a cherry tree, a pear tree, a crabapple, a hickory tree, and I don't even know what else because all the leaves have fallen, and my tree identification skills are limited. It's exciting, though, as it's near to some of our dear friends with whom I am very excited to better develop relations. It's also exciting because it does back up to the woods with a water source running through, with owls, birds, possoms, foxes, rabbits, cats and dogs, PLUS. I suspect it will not be hard to draw people to the scene to help and enjoy our quiet, end of the road location. It will definitely be a project in permaculture, considering we don't entirely plan to build a home there. M is excited to put up a storage shed/birdhouse with open space, and I keep thinking how great the wood-fired hot tub will be. I imagine prairie and flowering trees and shrubs all along the road, with more fruit and nut trees and so many haws!

In any case, this is the update. We'll be heading to FL early next week with a stop at our buddy's place in Birmingham- exciting! I'm happy to see my folks and grandma and sisters, and the weather just turned November yesterday. It was a happy accident that we were able to pick up two truck loads of composted manure and unload them on Saturday when the weather was balmy and hard to believe. Now it is icey-cold rain and greygreygrey skies. Yay snowbirding!

with love,

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