the state where I live

M and I are somehow addicted to anchors, what with the acre and now, on the 7th, a little 2-bedroom brick beauty about 5 blocks away from it. It has a nice little fenced yard for Eli and a long garage for M's jewelry tools. It has a second kitchen and toilet in the mostly finished basement, a toolbench, and a bar, as well as a ringer washer! I don't think the old lady who lived there ever used a modern washer.

So that's an update. For now we are living in my older sister's home with her husband and 13-year-old daughter. It's going well, and I'm hoping to get out into the yard very soon. Saturday we'll be out at the community garden hopefully putting little babies in the ground or tending what is already there, or helping install another garden across the road. I'm not sure what we'll be doing exactly, but I'm looking forward to working outside, considering it's mid-70's out there. We've actually had to run the air conditioner! It's amazing. There are great big culverts along the roads to take away water from the rain, and there are tropical-y birds in parking lots and along the roads. It's fun to look at all the plants that grow here in the sun, all the citrus and beautiful big tropical-y plants. I'm not sure when we're leaving here, sometime I suppose, to get back to the little house.

I'm getting into this Ursula LeGuin novel called the Beginning Place that I found at one of my favorite stores called Prairie Archives back in Springfield. It's about two troubled youths who are barely holding it together, but who emotionally support their mothers in the "real" world, but who somehow find, separately, a path between elder bushes into a mountain creek that runs up to a little mountain town. It's pretty good, and I love Ms. LeGuin. I bought some cheap secondhand copies of a couple of her paperbacks today. Yay books! Every time I read a good fantasy book I feel like I need to never stop, like I'm watching a good show on TV without the eye strain.

It often occurs to me that I can't really write about interpersonal relations, which are what make my world go 'round, which is I suppose why I don't write here more often. I feel like the world is a richer place without rehashing it, for sure.

from my heart,


D. Lollard said...

Air conditioning! Ha! :D


patricia258@yahoo.com said...

you write beautifully
as both of your sisters
you use only the words
you need to express your
thoughts .the way all writting
should be !
I will always love your words
they are like secret poems from
your heart thaat you are allowing
all of us to see.